The Green Party is the only major political party in the UK that is committed fully to a life based on democracy and justice within the planet's limits.

The Green Party has always dared to be different - and we’ve always known the power of good ideas.

Unlike others, we know that our planet has environmental limits, we understand that not everyone wants to live to work, that inequality is not just unfair, but damaging to everyone in society. And we have the bold solutions which allow us to offer inspiration in this age of uncertainty.

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Chorley Green Party planning group next  meeting.

Wednesday 22/01/20 19.00 Zoom

"As our group is growing rapidly we now need a new plan and an organisational structure.In order to deliver this, This next scheduled meeting  will be a planning group meeting.

A revised meetings / events calendar for the entire group for the new year will be produced as part of the plan. We hope to have this plan finalised  by early 2020"